The Busycle is a collaborative public art project in design, construction, and journey. To come to fruition it needs community participation. If you can offer any of these services, please send us an email. All donations are tax deductable. Also, consider joining our email list to receive announcements about when we ride and when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

* "Grease" – we are going to be towing the Busycle to each city with a Bus that runs off recycled Vegetable Oil, so please bring used oil to our event! (For Grease Collecting Tips, see below)
* Blankets – Please bring blankets for yourself or one more for a neighbor to our Story Collecting event that will happen after the busycle ride, so that we can all layback and relax while we listen to stories
* Trailer 6’x12’ or larger trailer with hydraulic brakes (for a van or truck size vehicle)
* Riders
* Builders, Bike shops, and Metal shops – In the cities we are visiting, it would be nice to have a contact in case any repairs need to happen on the road
* Storage in San Francisco from July 2nd- July25th… maybe more
* If you have any other ideas how you may want to get involved, let us know

For financial donations, click on the Pay pal button to the right.


The Busycle will be hauled between cities by a grease/biodiesel
vehicle. Greasecars are diesel vehicles that have been modified to also run on vegetable oil. Recycled vegetable oil can be gathered from sources such as restaurants. We encourage participants to bring recycled vegetable oil to the event to help fuel the voyage.

Here are some tips from that explain how to get the best recycled vegetable oil from restaurants. And please, only bring VEGETABLE oil in sealed containers – ask at the restaurant to make sure that you only get vegetable oil. Because the oil would otherwise be thrown away, restaurants are generally eager to share their recycled oil from their fryers with you if you explain that it will be used to power a vehicle.

Grease Collection Tips (from

Q What should I avoid when securing an oil source?

A Avoid sources that rinse their fryers with water. While water will settle out of oil, a source containing water will require more attention and create contamination risks. It is also wise to avoid unsecured out door containers as they are more likely to contain water and bacteria contamination.

Q What type of restaurants tend to have the best oil?

A Asian food restaurants and bar & Grilles tend to use pure canola or soy oil which has a lower gell point and will be easier to collect and filter. As a basic rule of thumb, higher quality restaurants will use higher quality oil, most fast food restaurants use hydrogenated oil.

Q Will oil go bad?

A Vegetable oil is a compostable material and will go rancid if
exposed to the elements or subject to bacterial contamination.

Filtering and storing your oil in a sealed container in a cool place
will extend its life.

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The Busycle project needs your help! Please help us cover the cost of development and supplies with a donation.
We would like to thank The Berwick Research Institute, the LEF Foundation and the Massachusetts Cultural Council for their support of this project.



MIT Council of the Arts