Busycle in California (2006-2007)

Thanks to Martin Krieg, the Buscyle has been having a blast in California lately, including a cameo at the May Fete parade in Palo Alto. To learn the latest, click here .

5/05/07 Palo Alto May Fete Parade
4/28/07 Mountain View Spring Family Parade
4/15/07 Stanford Community Day
10/2206 Busycle Grub Crawl & Wayne's 60th!!
10/15/06 Palo Alto Neighborhood Ride
9/30/06 Electric Vehicle Assn Rally
9/24/06 Waverly St Social
9/17/06 How Berkeley Can You Be Parade
9/10/06 Neighborhood Ride Janice
8/26/06 BarCampStanford
8/6/06 PaloAltoConcertTour
7/27/06 Palo Alto NBG Day
7/28/06 San Francisco NBG Day

Busycle Story Collection Tour (2006)

In cities across the U.S., the Busycle will travel neighborhoods, where anyone willing to pull their weight and pedal can be a Busycle passenger. At the end of the route, a story collection space will be constructed (in places ranging from parks to warehouses to galleries). At this temporary story collection space, everyone has the option of being a participant. And just as the Busycle doesn’t run without the pedaling, this venue doesn’t run without the contribution of stories. It’ll be an urban play on the campfire as the traditional space for story telling and stories will be recorded on video. Stories recorded in one city will be shared in the next city, connecting the experiences and stories of the tellers and listeners. Everyone is asked to bring a blanket (and their story, if they choose) to the story collection. Learn more about bringing recycled grease to events to fuel the grease car that will haul the Busycle between cities.

Cleveland – Friday, June 9th

Busycle departs the 'The Church' (formerly 'Inside-Outside' Gallery) at 6:00 PM for neighborhood ride.

Story Collecting starts at 8:00 PM at The Church.

The Church
2681 W. 14th St
Tel: 216-961-5545

Chicago – Saturday, June 10th

Busycle departs the Experimental Station at 6:00 PM for neighborhood ride.

Story Collecting starts at 8:00 PM at the Experimental Station

Experimental Station
6100 S. Blackstone Ave, Chicago, IL

Other Local Sponsors – Mess Hall, www.messhall.org/ and Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, http://www.biketraffic.org/

Minneapolis - Sunday, June 11

Busycle departs Altered Esthetics at 6:00 PM for neighborhood ride.

Story Collecting starts at 8:00 PM at Altered Esthetics.

Altered Esthetics, www.alteredesthetics.com
1300 Quincy Street, Minneapolis, MN

Marquette, NE – Monday, June 12

Busycle departs Art Farm at 6:00 PM for ride.
Story Collecting starts at Art Farm at 7:30 PM.

Art Farm, www.artfarmnebraska.org
1306 West 21 Road, Marquette, NE

Cheyenne, WY – Tuesday, June 13

Busycle departs Cheyenne Depot Museum at 5:30 PM for neighborhood ride.

Story Collecting starts at Cheyenne Depot Museum at 6:30 PM.

Cheyenne Depot Museum, www.cheyennedepotmuseum.org
Number One Depot Square 121 West 15th Street, WY

Salt Lake City, UT – Wednesday, June 14

Busycle departs Salt Lake City Public Library at 6:00 PM for neighborhood ride.

Story Collecting starts at Salt Lake City Public Library at 8:00 PM.

Salt Lake City Public Library, http://www.slcpl.lib.ut.us/
210 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Reno, NV – Thursday, June 15

Busycle departs 10 North Virginia Plaza at 6:00 PM for ride.

Story Collecting starts at 10 North Virginia Plaza at 6:00 PM.

City of Reno Public Art, www.cityofreno.com

San Francisco, CA – Friday, June 16

Busycle departs Levin Brothers Warehouse at 6:00 PM for neighborhood ride

Story Collecting starts at 8:00 PM at Levin Brothers Warehouse.

CityISpace, Get on the Bus Exhibition, http://www.city-space.org/

The Levin Brothers Warehouse
2255 3rd St. btw. 19th and 20th Streets, San Francisco, California, in the Dogpatch Neighborhood accessible via the 15 Third Street, 22 Fillmore and 48 Quintara-24 Street bus lines

7/25/06 - 7/28/06 San Francisco

National Bicycle Greenway Mayors ride http://nationalbicyclegreenway.com

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